Dreaming of a White Christmas

Posted by Santa Claus on December 10th, 2008

Snow Miser was here!

Snow Miser was here!

Many of my friends ask me, “Santa Claus, can you make it snow here for Christmas, please?”. 

I always tell them, “Why, yes, of course!  I can give you a white Christmas any time you want!”.  (But you better read the rest of my post before you get your snowsuit on.)

Well, I do have lots of magic.  And, the elves are really good at making toys and Christmas presents.  It is just that, well, we are not very good at making snow fall out of clouds.

But, we have come up with something special for my friends.  It is a way you can always enjoy a white Christmas.  I promise!

Now here is what you have to do:

First, you need a big mug of hot cocoa.  Those fancy imported marshmallows are nice too.  Oh yes, you might need some mittens.  After all, it could get cold with all that snow! 

Next thing you need is to click on my very own list of web cameras (“webcams”).  Here you will find special Christmas webcams from great places all around the world! 

Some are snowy.  Some are dry.  Some are wet.  Oh me, oh my!  Some are hot.  Some have ice.  I use them all to see who’s nice!  :)  

So, if you are dreaming of a white Christmas, all you have to do is “click“!  Remember, there will be a lot of snow in some places so keep your hot cocoa close by.

The Snow Miser would be proud!

Have A Merry, Snowy Christmas

Santa Claus

P.S. Are you a “Heat Miser” who likes a hot, green Christmas?  Or, are you a “Snow Miser” who likes a snowy, white Christmas?  (You can leave a message for me. Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)


69 Responses to “Dreaming of a White Christmas”

  1. 69
    My friend ROSA VARGAS said:


  2. 68
    My friend Kaitlin said:


  3. 67
    My friend chelsey said:

    hi sainta close can you give me a birthday gift pleas beacuase i dint get a birthday gift off of my parints i now theydont have any more mony beacose my dad spend mymom andmy dad spends his mony
    on his bear and now i have no birthday gift and i rill want a i pod and ther rill ecspens of can you please brink me one please

  4. 66
    My friend Athena said:

    santa can you give me your big red bag this year

  5. 65
    My friend jessica said:

    lol my dad hit pink can of paint with a snowblower and so its a pink christmas!!

  6. 64
    My friend Aemili said:

    Santa, I hope we get lots and lots of snow!!!!!!!!! I really don’t want a dry Christmas.

  7. 63
    My friend CC said:

    It has never snowed in my town before and i am dissapointed. I live in New york and i want it to snow.

  8. 62
    My friend Kyley said:

    I wish it would snow where I live but it hasn’t snowed here in 15 years! I wasn’t even born yet!

  9. 61
    My friend kylie said:

    Im a snow minter! my birthday is june but, i like the cold!

  10. 60
    My friend gracie said:

    it never snows here in Terry Mississippi i wish i would


  12. 59
    My friend Paul said:

    Santa why can’t you use your magic to make it snow.

  13. 58
    My friend Kiki said:

    I totally live in Hawaii so I’ve never seen the snow! I NEED SNOW! What is it? Is it fluffy or rocky?

    Please reply, please! And make it snow in Kawakikiville, Hawaii on Christmas.

  14. 57
    My friend Abby said:

    I love snow so much, I wish it would snow everyday! I am a christmas-freakk!!

  15. 56
    My friend Brianna said:

    Santa do you like snow or do you think it is to cold ?

  16. 55
    My friend Holly said:

    Well santa, i belieave that i am a very very snow miser. I don’t belieave that a christmas is only special with snow though. Although it is nicer, thank you santa! xxx

  17. 54
    My friend Kyle said:

    Santa it never snow here in Baltimore. It gets boaring and i always gor a white snowy christmas.

  18. 53
    My friend addie gray said:

    well you give the small town of anderson a snowy christmas it starts christmas eve then ends christmas day. We have never had a white christmas

    anderson sc

  19. 52
    My friend Kayla said:

    I am a Snow Miser ! Each year I hope for snow ! Please try to make it snow this year !

  20. 51
    My friend TYSEN said:


  21. 50
    My friend sophia said:

    garfield miss,s you

  22. 49
    My friend kylee said:

    hi,santa!im definately a snow miser!!!

  23. 48
    My friend amy said:

    i love the snow i always want it to snow loads on Christmas but it never does please can you make it snow if you can

  24. 47
    My friend julia said:

    im a snow miser to tell you the truth i hate summer P.S. dot tell heat miser lol.
    i like summer sorta but im deffinatly a winter person

  25. 46
    My friend Baylee said:

    Hi Ho and reindeer…. I want reindeer and HO, Ho…. I like HO Ho Music.

  26. 45
    My friend stephanie said:

    what’s up santa?

  27. 44
    My friend Isaac- 9yrs old said:

    I am a snow miser fan. You are so cool with ice. My favorite superpower would be ice.

  28. 43
    My friend Kayla said:

    i love the snow it is so fun to play in and i love to wack little people play

  29. 42
    My friend jesse said:

    who is snow mister?

  30. 41
    My friend Alysa & Christian said:



    Christian & Alysa

  31. 40
    My friend ciera said:

    please tell me you are real give me a sign

    Reply From Santa:

    Ciera, if you are dreaming of a white Christmas, all you have to do is “click“!

    After all, if I made it snow everywhere, people might get hurt. Not everyone knows how to stop their car in snow like reindeer stop!


  32. 39
    My friend ciera said:

    santa give me a sign that you are real

    Reply from Santa:

    ciera, of course I exist! I exist just as surely as love and the spirit of childhood do. Sometimes when kids and adults get older they lose their spirit of childhood. They even start to think that I don’t exist! But I have been around for a very, very long time because people of all ages have kept me in their hearts. Even if the way you think of me changes over time, I hope you will always keep my spirit with you. And even if I cannot bring you presents, you must always remember that I love you very much!

    Now, that sign that you wanted. Would you like a “Stop” sign or a “No Reindeer Parking” sign! (jk) Ho! Ho! Ho!

    Merry Christmas!


  33. 38
    My friend ciera/ niece's said:

    please let it snow we really want it to snow

  34. 37
    My friend christmas lover said:

    please let it snow here to santa

  35. 36
    My friend christmas lover said:

    i love it alot

  36. 35
    My friend Jordyn said:

    Most of the time I have a white Christmas in N.H.!!!

  37. 34
    My friend ciera said:

    santa can you let it snow here because niece’s have not saw snow

  38. 33
    My friend Anonymous said:

    I want it to snow where I live, too!

  39. 32
    My friend ryan said:

    elfs rule the northpole

  40. 31
    My friend Trent said:

    Please Please Please send Snow to Bakersfield,CA

  41. 30
    My friend Amethyst said:

    My friends say Santa isn’t real but I don’t beleive them. Like, why would you tell someone Sata’s not real if you DO beleive in him?!?!?!?!
    P.S I’m 10 yrs old! show some respect! ♥Amethyst

  42. 29
    My friend sophie said:

    i love you emily(my baby sister) it is her first christmas!!!

  43. 28
    My friend emily said:

    i am sophies-(number 27) baby sister and of corse she is righting this for me but i am going to be spending my first christmas with a big family!!!

  44. 27
    My friend sophie said:

    i love christmas and it is going to be even better this year with a new arrival(my baby sister)

  45. 26
    My friend Morgan said:

    I, Santa, am a Snow Miser. Quite frankly, I can’t stand green Christmases.

  46. 25
    My friend hayden said:

    i live in jacksonville i want white xmas

  47. 24
    My friend hayden said:

    can you make it snow her pleas

  48. 23
    My friend adam said:

    I live in tn.and i want a white x.mas

  49. 22
    My friend Alysha said:

    I love christmas.

  50. 21
    My friend LAUREN said:

    I want a white crhistmas.

  51. 20
    My friend joshua said:

    I wish it would snow this Christmas here in Alabama. I would love to build a snowman.

  52. 19
    My friend Amber said:

    i am a snow miser !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. 18
    My friend hollie said:

    hi santa im 11yrs old and still belive in you its not strange because if i didnt belive i would not get any prezzies

  54. 17
    My friend alex said:

    i want it to snow and it to stick to the ground please!!!!!!!!!

  55. 16
    My friend courtney said:

    theres a girl called chloe and she isn’t very good. she puts nutella in people school suplies

  56. 15
    My friend Maranda said:

    I love snow!!!! its the best ever!!!!
    you an get your mittens and snowsuite and go out in the deep deep snow, i love riding on sleds, we find a deep ara and and go WEEEEEEEE down the hill on the sleds!!! Thats why i love the snow

  57. 14
    My friend Amy said:

    why can’t it just snow all december the just all melt away as soon as we hit the end of christmas holidays (january 5)

  58. 13
    My friend Brody said:

    Santa, I love snow, but I really need to see my family.

  59. 12
    My friend Kelly said:

    I am like the SnoMiser and I hope for a white Christmas!

  60. 11
    My friend Kailey said:

    i am a snow miser because my b-day is realyy really close 2 Christmas!!

  61. 10
    My friend Barbara said:

    Santa, I hope it does’t sno.w this year because we will be visiting family

  62. 9
    My friend Riley said:

    I love the snow so I’m a Snow Miser. I hope you and Mrs. Claus had a Happy Thanksgiving.

  63. 8
    My friend Nero said:

    Hi Santa xDD

  64. 7
    My friend Lauren said:

    I, Santa, am a Snow Miser. I enjoy white Christmases.

  65. 6
    My friend caitlin said:

    My mom and dad were shocked to hear about you on the internet

  66. 5
    My friend nicole said:

    i think this website is really cool & good !!! .xx

  67. 4
    My friend amanda said:

    can you make it snow on chrismas

  68. 3
    My friend jahnaria said:

    DO you play in the snow

  69. 2
    My friend Bryn said:

    My girlfriend Victory Watson says hi to santa.

  70. 1
    My friend Duncan said:

    It never snows in Sacramento, I wish it would

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