Santa’s Little Reindeer and Reindeer Names!

Posted by Santa Claus on December 4th, 2008

We have exciting news!  It is about the little reindeer!  (You did know a little reindeer was coming, right?)  Would you like to hear the news?

Well, I should start by saying something.  We are still waiting for the little reindeer to be born.  But, it is coming soon!  I promise!

We have more good news!  Mommy reindeer is doing very well. 

I put my hand on Mommy reindeer’s tummy.  I felt the little reindeer kick!  I felt the little reindeer kick some more!  It felt like the little reindeer was running.  Ho! Ho! Ho!  It felt like the little reindeer wanted to fly!  It felt like the little reindeer was saying “I want to pull Santa Claus’ sleigh!”.  What a rascal!  The little reindeer is full of surprises!

And, we have a special surprise for you!  Click on the link “little reindeer sounds” to hear the surprise.

Little Reindeer Sounds

How many sounds do you hear?  Can you guess what the sounds are?  You can leave a message for me with your guess.  Or, scroll down to see what other kids have said.

Mommy and Daddy reindeer say they have a few more surprises.  I can not wait to hear about the other surprises.  This is like waiting to open presents Christmas morning!  

I will write about the other surprises as soon as the Mommy and Daddy reindeer let me.

By the way, the reindeer LOVE all the names you have given us!  There are so many great names to choose from.  They have not seen a single name they did not like! 

Well, they were not too sure about Clumsy the Elf’s idea.  After all, there are better names than “Clumsy the Reindeer!” :)

Do you have more names for the little reindeer?  You can still leave the Mommy and Daddy reindeer a message!  We want to hear all the great reindeer names you can think of!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Can you guess what the little reindeer sounds are?  You can leave a message for me with your guess.  Or, scroll down to see what other kids have said.


289 Responses to “Santa’s Little Reindeer and Reindeer Names!”

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  1. 289
    My friend Troy leblanc said:

    I would like some new Jordan shoes

  2. 288
    My friend Nicole said:

    I think you should call the reindeer buddy
    If it’s a boy and if it’s a girl you should
    Call it mistletoe

  3. 287
    My friend charley said:

    if a girl holly if boy jolly

  4. 286
    My friend ben said:

    i think his name should be rocket

  5. 285
    My friend Paris said:

    It sounds like reindeer pulling your sligh.That is a cool sound.

  6. 284
    My friend Tamara said:

    Hi Santa,

    I really like your reindeer’s. I have never seen the new baby reindeer.
    For a girl you can name it Tinsel and for a boy name it page!!!:D

    From Tamara!!!:D OXOX

  7. 283
    My friend Van said:

    I think it is the baby raindeer’s kicking sound and some bell jinglings. Hope I’m right. HO<HO<HO! Have a jing-a-ling Christmas!!!

  8. 282
    My friend Alivia said:

    Santa what i would like for Christmas is a America girl doll named Julie and if so can you also do 1 out fite with here if you can thanks and have a good day BYE!! ~Alivia~
    Reply from the Elves:

    The best way to make sure your wishes get into Santa’s book is to email Santa. They go straight in that way! If you put them on this blog then someone might forget to add them :(

    Merry Christmas!

    The Elves

  9. 281
    My friend BRIANNA said:


  10. 280
    My friend morgan said:

    i would like a mini laptop for christmas

    Reply from the Elves:

    The best way to make sure your wishes get into Santa’s book is to email Santa. They go straight in that

    way! If you put them on this blog then someone might forget to add them :(

    Merry Christmas!

    The Elves

    P.S. What’s the magic word? :)


  12. 279
    My friend morgan said:

    if it is a boy i think:dixson

    if it is a girl i think:bambi


  13. 278
    My friend mia said:

    hi ummmmmmm do you like pineapple

  14. 277
    My friend latifah drayton said:

    Reply from the Elves:

    The best way to make sure your wishes get into Santa’s book is to email Santa. They go straight in that way! If you put them on this blog then someone might forget to add them :(

    Merry Christmas!

    The Elves

    P.S. What’s the magic word? :)

  15. 276
    My friend taylor said:

    hi i think you should name the newest raindeer misletoe

  16. 275
    My friend RENEE said:


  17. 274
    My friend Whitney said:

    What are all of the names?

  18. 273
    My friend ryan said:

    i think the sounds were a baby raindeer in her mommys stomatch

  19. 272
    My friend Tiarni said:

    It Sounded like “Let Me Pull The slay”

  20. 271
    My friend pjnnn said:

    Or name the baby Crystal or Snowflake

  21. 270
    My friend presley said:

    i heard bells and a hohoho

  22. 269
    My friend Vanessa Legge said:

    wow i told you santa I would write on your blog i love you like i say always to you when i wrote you like a million times,

  23. 268
    My friend taylor said:

    ha santa i think your the coolest guy i now.

  24. 267
    My friend haley said:

    maybe the baby reindeer name should be christe or snowflake.

  25. 266
    My friend kirsten said:

    i love rudolph l kirsten

  26. 265
    My friend erin said:

    your reindeer baby should be could chet i love that name it gust makes me have a feeling when i think of the name ps.tell me your name

  27. 264
    My friend Matthew said:

    I think baby reendears are realy cute
    and loving

  28. 263
    My friend tara said:

    hi it is tara it is only 51 sleeps till tara

  29. 262
    My friend Eva said:

    One girl tried to name it after me….
    Santa one day will you bring me a dog please
    Thank you



    p.s your the best santa cluse

    pps i like you to rodeolfe

  30. 261
    My friend Eva said:

    I think we should name it Alex bryll

  31. 260
    My friend Eva said:

    I think the first one is your sleigh bells.

  32. 259
    My friend destini said:

    it was the reindeer heartbeat

  33. 258
    My friend Elizabeth said:

    i heard a jingling sound it could of been rudolghs bell!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. 257
    My friend Peyton said:

    I think it was the babies heart beat.

  35. 256
    My friend justin said:

    how many reindeer are there now and what are there names.

  36. 255
    My friend Fiona said:

    I think you should name him/her Twinkle Tose or Eva

  37. 254
    My friend BRIAN said:


  38. 253
    My friend megan said:

    riahanna or olive or olivia

  39. 252
    My friend alysann karhi said:

    it looks like a ultrasound

  40. 251
    My friend rhodes said:

    bambi or snowina or dixie

  41. 250
    My friend brianna said:

    you should name the boy Sebastain

  42. 249
    My friend jessica said:

    you should name them aidan and madeline

  43. 248
    My friend jessica said:

    hohohoho santa

  44. 247
    My friend Brittne said:

    I really hope the babys are here soon.Their proabaly going to be so cute

  45. 246
    My friend Lauren said:

    I think the sound was the reindeer.I think you should name the girl snowflake and the boy snowball!

  46. 245
    My friend Sian Butcher said:

    Santa what would you like for your christmas treat? by the way good lucke on your trip around the world everyone belives in you

  47. 244
    My friend charlotte said:

    if they are twins you should call them Gemma and Geasell

  48. 243
    My friend charlotte said:

    mearrr mearrrr mearrrr

  49. 242
    My friend ARSHLEY said:



  50. 241
    My friend Caleb said:

    Boy = Derek Jeter
    Girl = Sandi

  51. 240
    My friend kylie said:

    i think the new baby reindeer name should be wynter the reindeer

  52. 239
    My friend gracie said:

    I think you sould name he/her. boy’s name jeff the girl’s name dixie chick!!!

  53. 238
    My friend Georgia said:

    how are the baby reindeer? o u know what ur going to name them yet?

  54. 237
    My friend Georgia said:

    Can u see what every single child in the world is doing and saying?

  55. 236
    My friend georgia said:

    do u like me

  56. 235
    My friend Georgia said:

    how old is the north pole

  57. 234
    My friend Ashley said:

    i was thinking we should call the reindeer ocean since santa goes over the ocean to viet all the other places

  58. 233
    My friend Sarah said:

    I have thaught of two new names.Boy=Jingel and the girl=Bell.
    Like the names?
    Tell rudolph and clarice i say hi and i hope the babys are perfectly healthy when they are born.

  59. 232
    My friend norita said:

    oh congratulation!:}
    you have a new reindeer to be on the sleigh with you!
    im so happy for you!;}
    so watchu gonna name it:}

  60. 231
    My friend tyrus said:

    I think it’s name should be greda if it is a girl.michael if it is a boy.

  61. 230
    My friend marie said:

    i think you should name it snowflake!

  62. 229
    My friend tyrus said:

    I bet the reindeer is cute.

  63. 228
    My friend Daryna said:

    sound of sleigh

  64. 227
    My friend Jacob said:

    If the two new reindeer have red noses i think you should name them Blinky and Glower

  65. 226
    My friend yvonne said:

    thomas for the boy and angela for the girl.happy new year to you all including the baby reindeer.

  66. 225
    My friend dylan said:

    frosty and sparky

  67. 224
    My friend dylan said:

    i think the name frosty for a girl and dazzerler for a boy.They cant be real names because reindeers dont have real names if its calld dazzzerler it can lead santas sleigh

  68. 223
    My friend Daniela said:

    I think you should name the girl Lover and the boy Polo! (PS. GOOD LUCK!)

  69. 222
    My friend Mackenzie said:

    I think there was 4 sound’s. I think you should name your new raindeers name Dixie.

  70. 221
    My friend mariah said:

    i love santa

  71. 220
    My friend megan said:

    i think i know the reindeeers names

  72. 219
    My friend leon said:

    if it is a boy i think…..bambe if girl i think…..rachel.

  73. 218
    My friend Marriah said:

    Girl: Evelyn

    Boy: Tyler

  74. 217
    My friend Liscia said:

    I heard you saying ho ho ho.
    I also heard your bells on your sleigh.
    Merry Christmas,

  75. 216
    My friend lauren said:

    it sounds like 5 ho,ho,ho,ho,ho

  76. 215
    My friend riley mejias said:

    hi santa im ma 12years old i love to right poems about how real yuo r….

    p.s. i still bealive

  77. 214
    My friend Rosie said:

    dear Santa i think that you should call the twins Sophie and Sophia! because the names sound the same merry christmas and a happy new year!

  78. 213
    My friend Anonymous said:

    boy HO HO HO girl Cocca

  79. 212
    My friend taleyah said:

    i like red.

  80. 211
    My friend Delaney said:

    You should name it Symorine.

  81. 210
    My friend Princess said:

    why do you live in the north pole santa?????

  82. 209
    My friend olivia said:

    is it a boy or girl if boy blake if girl sereana

  83. 208
    My friend Anonymous said:

    All names are sooo cute!! Santa you guys are going to have a hard time picking only one name… also who is the mommy and daddy of the baby? Anyway Good LUCK! ♥♥♥♥

    Merry Christmas♥♥

  84. 207
    My friend sophie said:

    i think it should be called snowy.

  85. 206
    My friend Luke M. said:

    YOu should name the reindeer Sam if its a boy. Or, if it’s a girl, please name her carly!

  86. 205
    My friend winston said:

    balley it is a great name

  87. 204
    My friend sara said:

    It is a nice name

  88. 203
    My friend cyna said:

    the sound was a ultra sound mashein

  89. 202
    My friend baylee said:

    i heard 3 sounds

  90. 201
    My friend grace said:

    i think baby reindeers are very cute animals. i think they are very nice

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