How Old Is Santa Claus?

Posted by Santa Claus on November 8th, 2008

Many of my friends ask me, “How old are you Santa Claus?”  I also hear people whisper, “Is Santa Claus old?”.  “How old is Santa Claus?”.  “What age is Santa Claus?”.  Or, “When was Santa’s birthday?”. 

I laugh when I hear them whisper.  After all, I may be very old, but I do have very good hearing!  Ho! Ho! Ho!

Yes, everyone wants to know how old I am.  Can I tell you a secret?  I am just a wee bit older than Mrs. Claus.  But don’t tell anyone.  Mrs. Claus doesn’t like people to know how old she is.  So, I tell people “I am a wee bit older than my whiskers.  And that is all Mrs. Claus will let me say!”

I guess I better keep my whiskers.  Otherwise, I won’t be able to say that any more!  Ho! Ho! Ho!

Sometimes, to keep people guessing, I also say I am as old as my tongue and a little older than my teeth!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  How old do you think I am?  (Scroll down to leave your message for me or to see what others have written!)


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  1. 1964
    My friend Bryce said:

    Dear santa,
    i think your 1,732 years old

  2. 1963
    My friend Bryce said:

    Dear Santa Claus,
    I just want to thank you for making the children all over the world and made me happy as well, so thank you very much sir.Merry Christmas santa. love, bryce williams. P.S. can you mail me a letter from the north pole.thanks. oh and tell the misses i said hi.

  3. 1962
    My friend paige said:

    Hmm i think you are about 911 or 80-90

  4. 1961
    My friend chloe said:

    i think santa stop counting when he got up to 550 years old

  5. 1960
    My friend Dallas said:

    I wish for a real doctor’s set with all different kinds of things like all the things that doctors use. I think that your 30 years old.

  6. 1959
    My friend Rinoa said:

    I think that you are 120 years old. And I want a easy bake shop for Christmas, and I want some candy, lots and lots of candy. Merry Christmas.

    P.S. I’m going to e-mail you next.

  7. 1958
    My friend Gavin said:

    I think you’re 56 years old. And I like you’re elves, and I’m glad my elf friend is one. Or cookie dough as he’s called. Merry Christmas.

    P.S. I hope that cookie dough shows me around the workshop.

  8. 1957
    My friend olivia said:

    I think you are 235 years old! :)

  9. 1956
    My friend augustus said:

    i want a iphon4s 8 more skylanders airswimmer shark kind PLAES im wondering if my adoptid elf is beter love augustus

  10. 1955
    My friend Lauren said:

    I think your 2011 years old


  12. 1954
    My friend olivia said:


  13. 1953
    My friend olivia said:

    359 years old

  14. 1952
    My friend kole said:

    i think santa is 111

  15. 1951
    My friend keegan said:

    you are 69 years????
    i hope SNOWellf can come soon.

  16. 1950
    My friend lydia said:

    i think you are thousands of years old.!!!! i want for Christmas a laptop a chocolate money maker and a pair of roller skates.

  17. 1949
    My friend TIM MILLS said:

    santa coke

  18. 1948
    My friend Anonymous said:

    Dear Santa,
    I think you are 110 years old. Love, Rowan.

  19. 1947
    My friend ellie mae said:

    i think our lovly santa is 87

  20. 1946
    My friend benson said:

    i think ur 20 centuries old

  21. 1945
    My friend jordan said:

    dear santa i an wetting my self to know what age you are but i will give it a try first i think you are 66 well sorry if i didnt get it right love from jordanxxxxxxxxxx

  22. 1944
    My friend sasha hebberd said:

    i think you are 3rd centery :)

  23. 1943
    My friend Anonymous said:


  24. 1942
    My friend amy said:

    I think he might be about 76

  25. 1941
    My friend colie said:

    hi santa i think you are 69

  26. 1940
    My friend ariana said:

    dear santa,
    i just wanted to now how old r your elves
    your frend

  27. 1939
    My friend ariana said:

    dear santa,
    i wanted to now how old are yor raindeer
    and how old are your elves?how old is mrs.claus?
    your friend ariana
    ps am i on the nice list?

  28. 1938
    My friend arian said:


  29. 1937
    My friend aaron said:


  30. 1936
    My friend maddysen said:

    Thank u santa for all my gifts last year and I’ve been a really good girl this year and want the american girl doll.the one I want is ivy, thank you santa.

  31. 1935
    My friend maddyse said:

    Santa I think you are 345, thank you for bringing me all my gifts.

  32. 1934
    My friend bob said:


  33. 1933
    My friend ARIANA said:

    ARE U 100000

  34. 1932
    My friend Brett said:

    Dear santa I’m Walt Disney World for Christmas, we’re coming back on Christmas Morning. l also want a Nerf Longstrike CS-6, I also want a Lego star wars Slave 1 2010 series, I also want a Lego star war B-wing fighter 2006 series, and I also want a Nerf Alpha trooper CS-18, and I also want a Nerf Stampede ECS-50

  35. 1931
    My friend sophie said:

    hi santa i think u are 201

  36. 1930
    My friend Amara said:

    Are you a spirit Santa Claus?

  37. 1929
    My friend Taneesha said:

    how old are you santa

  38. 1928
    My friend victor said:

    how old are you santa?

  39. 1927
    My friend rebekah said:

    hi im rebekah and im 8 years old.iseem to think that u could be a 5000 years old,say hi to everyone santa .
    hope to see you soon

  40. 1926
    My friend jack said:

    how old are you? i really want to know. i’m just cereous.

  41. 1925
    My friend jordan said:

    hi santa hohoho

  42. 1924
    My friend aidan said:

    i am good because i am a friendly guy and help people out

  43. 1923
    My friend Lilian said:

    i belive in yu and please give me of christmas a 3ds i knew it is a long time to christmas i hope yu injoy i think your 2000 years old if yu not it i tryed

  44. 1922
    My friend Niall said:

    I think santa is 4000 years old!

    Because you have a beard.

    I know you live in the NORTH POLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. 1921
    My friend Sophie said:

    hi santa I think you are 93 year old.

  46. 1920
    My friend llyr said:


  47. 1919
    My friend Isabella said:

    I think Santa is 550 years old.
    oh and thanks for all the presents!

  48. 1918
    My friend BOB said:


  49. 1917
    My friend khloey said:

    Santa i think you are 92 years old and mrs.claus is 90 years old

  50. 1916
    My friend cooper said:

    I think you are 1,000 years old I love toys

  51. 1915
    My friend 12crystal said:

    I think your 1700 years old

  52. 1914
    My friend rheannnan said:

    hi santa i think you are 200000 years old. lov rheannan

  53. 1913
    My friend TIM MILLS said:

    santa how old is she

  54. 1912
    My friend hannah said:

    hi, santa I think you are 80 years old! love,

  55. 1911
    My friend Lauren said:

    I think that you are 102 years old. Thank you for bringing me Lanie!

  56. 1910
    My friend nicola said:

    well I think you dont have an age because im just guessing.

  57. 1909
    My friend yahir said:

    hi santa I think you are 1000 thoasand years old bye

  58. 1908
    My friend yahir said:

    hi santa thanks you for bieng me lots of toys xoxoxoxoxoxo

  59. 1907
    My friend piper said:

    my little brother yahir sand you a letter but he broke that promise he put blocks in his mouth and fight with my little brother edwin

  60. 1906
    My friend melanie said:

    hi santa my name is melanie and im am 9 years old and i belive on you

  61. 1905
    My friend LEXI said:


  62. 1904
    My friend Melanie said:

    hi santa thank you for all the presnte you brought use

  63. 1903
    My friend edagr said:

    i think you are the same age as god theres no other reson to say it you just have to be near him. i know you guys are great friends and tell father time he is my fav hero he keeps us alive ehehee see yah later and merry x-mas i love you ssooo much i dont care how old you are. p.s. xoxoxoxoxoox

  64. 1902
    My friend mason said:

    I think you are as old as humans themselve

  65. 1901
    My friend Riley,Adam,Brynn said:

    Santa I believe you are only as old as you feel. No matter how old you are you are still young at heart and that is all that matters.I also believe that god made you santa for a reason therefore no matter how old people may think you are god created you for one reason, and thats for all the boys and girls around the world. You are the one person that probably doesnt really have an age because your santa claus. We are so excited for you to stop by our house. We have tried to be very good nice kids for our mom and dad, even though at times it can be hard because my brother & sister including myself do get on eachothers nerves quite a bit. But no matter what I still love them. We will keep trying to be good kids because all year we look forward to your arrival christmas eve. Hope ur travel is safe tonight Please tell Mrs. Clause merry christmas from all of us. Rilay Adam and Brynn

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