Santa Claus’ Magic Elves

Posted by Santa Claus on November 21st, 2008

Did you ever wonder why hardly anyone ever sees one of my ?  This might help :)

Elves are fast.
Elves are cool.
Elves watch all the kids at school!

Elves are fast,
And sneaky too.
Elves are good at watching you!

Elves are quick.
Elves are slick.
Elves tell all to Ol’ Saint Nick!

If you’re Naughty,
If you’re Nice,
You’re on my List
I’ll check it twice!

Yes, elves are good at watching you!
They like to watch all you do.
But maybe you could spot them too?

If you listen,
If you hurry,
You might see things that are blurry!

If you look
Behind a shelf,
You might catch a tiny elf.

Looking far,
Looking near,
You might see a pointy ear.

But elves are fast.
Elves are quick.
Elves are smart.
They know the tricks!

Elves are very
Hard to see
And that is why
I say to thee

You may try
You may be keen
But I’m telling you
Elves won’t be seen!  :)

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Quite often the elves tell me they think someone might have seen them.  Have you ever seen an elf?  (Scroll down to leave your message for me or to see what others have written!)


230 Responses to “Santa Claus’ Magic Elves”

  1. james

    hi santa i love your blog + ive saw one of your elves before


  3. Katie

    I have never seen an elf in my whole life, but one day I would like to see one, would this be possible?

  4. jamaia

    christmas is great i hope u like it to santa has a hard job i sometimes wish i could help him out so he could have a break

  5. Izzy

    I have never seen an elf but I’m on the look out Santa! Watch Out Elves!

  6. caroline

    i have never seen an elf i wish i could.i bet thier sneeky and funny too. if i ever see an elf i’ll worn you!!!!

  7. johanna

    santa i am an elf because i have done so many good the way i have a sweet elf outfit.

  8. hapy

    Hey Santa it me agin i just wanted to say that i have lost some friends but it will get better i hope every body does what i did and call. This cool be the best thing that ever happend to me. Thank you agian love

  9. madison

    cannnnnnn you pleaseeeee tell me when i get my elf by the cool facts

  10. carter

    I have not seen an elf, i also think it would be cool to see a reindeer in flight thats real.

  11. Molly

    I love the north pole. I am actually learning about a tundra near the north pole and the south pole. I hope i get a good grade on it. I Hope a A+!!!!!!!!!! i HOPE YOU GET ME THESE THREE THINGS!!!! 1. I POD TOUCH 2. APPLE COMPUTER 3. SIDE KICK XL/.

    i LOVE SANTA!!!!!!

    Reply from the Elves:

    The best way to make sure your wishes get into Santa’s book is to email Santa. They go straight in that way! If you put them on this blog then someone might forget to add them :(

    Merry Christmas!

    The Elves

  12. RACHEL

    you rock .xoxoxo!


  14. button

    no i haven’t see an elf! I REALLY do though!

  15. becky

    How are your elves?Could you ask them if they can make me an extra special laptop so i can email you from that?

  16. chloe

    i think i have seen an elf watching me play in my room!!!!!*:^)

  17. Angelica

    I think I’ve seen an elf before, it’s because my mom says that the people who dress up as Santa are really his elves. That is why the hats usually cover their ears! I’ve seen people dressed up like Santa so… I believe I’ve seen an elf!

  18. Joe

    Dear Santa,

    I am going to get you a present. Lego Star Wars set and I watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I like Star Wars too.

  19. chloe

    hi santa i just sent a letter i rember last cristmas i ladeout cookies & milk for u & u drank it all

  20. Meghan

    Dear Santa,
    I have never seen an elf either, but I will look out for them next time at school. I’ll try behind my teachers special cupboard.

  21. Elizabeth

    I think i have seenan elf watching me when i was laying in my bed because i saw an ear sticking out of my toy box and when i went to see what it was it went away. you rock xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  22. Baylee

    I would love to see an elf but since they are fast I can’t see themm.

  23. Jamie

    Ok, So like i have never seen an elf. I love Christmas and i dont have christmas list. Because im almost certain i will not get what i want. What i WANT is well EVRYTHING. haha well a laptop or something but all i NEED is NOTHING! so happy christmas! Santa ROCKS! even though i know something i prolly shouldnt bout who he is! *wink*

  24. berry

    i really belive in elvs

  25. berry

    I really bellive in santa and his elvs.

  26. Alexis

    November 22, 2008

    I have never seen an elf in my whole life but when i get off here i am going to go look and i will be expec.ting an elf this year though.

  27. alyssa m clair

    i never seen an elf but i hear they are cool sweat like the one who wanted to be a dentiest

  28. Ashley

    no im tttttto scared

  29. alyssa

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  30. christian

    are you real? yes i think bulling is dumb



  32. Bubbles

    I really want to see and elf one day…

  33. kian

    no but I want to

  34. amber

    i have never seen a elf before

  35. drennan

    no but i have seen one in a move, and i will be on the lookout

  36. Chelsea

    hi santa i have never seen a elf before

  37. justin

    no santa ive never seen an elf but ive seen santa and mrs cluase by tne way what do the elvs look like im sure they are in a busy mood but i wish them luck hope everyone is having a good year.
    p.s could you help me with my sad problem because some people make fun of my sirename they call me justin barboque when its justin barboteu wish you a happy year again

    Reply From Santa:

    justin, I am so glad you told me about this.

    I would like you to call some people who can help you. Make sure to choose the phone number for your country! We like to think of them as “elves in training”! :)


  38. emma

    santa i have

  39. emma

    santa i have never seen a elve but i would love to see one when it is christmas day i will be very happy.

  40. Emily

    I think I might have seen an Elf befor and I didn’t even know it!

  41. leah case

    tell the elivs i love them

  42. madddddd

    I seen a elf outside my window but it was rather human or midget size

  43. Dorien

    i have never seen an elf in my hole life i want to see one

  44. aoife

    you are so cool!!!!. no1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Lauren

    Dear Santa,

    I love elfs because they are cute and magical.
    I would love to see a elf it would be so good.
    By the way your my faverate.

    Love from Lauren Thomson
    p.s bye bye.

  46. Rebecca

    Dear Santa,
    I have never seen an elf before exept if pictures count!I got a picture of an elf that I printrd out from your magic photo albums.Can I please be an elf though!!I LOVE YOU!!1

  47. patrick

    ive never saw a elf but mabye oneday i will!

  48. Taylor

    Hi its me again. No, i don’t remeber seeing magic elves.

    Love taylor

  49. Mackenzie

    Can in elf come to my house?

  50. Mackenzie

    I wish to see in elf today…

  51. jessica

    Have fun on chrismas day &eve i have a friend and her brithday is on christmas eve
    From jessica mcgregor

  52. phoebe

    i stll beleve in u
    even though i`m 13

  53. heather

    hi santa do any elfs come with you on your sleigh to give out presents on cristmas eve how do you do on what to do for cristmas eve well I want a ty girlz pink a ipod and a bratz world house.I am 9 and I love cristmas.

    Reply from the Elves:

    The best way to make sure your wishes get into Santa’s book is to email Santa. They go straight in that way! If you put them on this blog then someone might forget to add them :(

    Merry Christmas!

    The Elves

  54. Kyle

    NO! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!

  55. delaney

    are you realy rell

  56. Elizabeth

    I have naver seen an elf but i think it wiil be cool to see one. My cousin saw one and he said it was as tiny as his foot, and his foot is tiny.


  57. Rachel

    Santa- who is the naughty elves and who is the good elves? I can’t wait until Christmas! Oh Fun! Love, Rachel

  58. Madison

    My elf name is Jolly he is very sweet he has not arrived yet but I hope you come tonight Jolly, and Holly. You are so sweet lke a nice resent under a tree.

  59. emily

    you are so cool!! i love you so much and the elves to im sending my love to all…see you later i love you!!bye

  60. Isabella

    Yes Santa I have seen one of your elves sorry but you’ve been caught. I saw one behind a tree!

  61. Cameron

    Do you know all your elves names?
    From Cameron in Australia

  62. shea

    no i have never seen an elf but it would be cool to actuly see one merry christmas elfs

  63. natacha

    i have never seen one but i say to my room i’m going to be the look out for any elves my friend saw one she said they are so cute and tiny i really want to see one!

  64. micaela

    dear Santa in grade three the janitor at my school went to are door and said that he saw and elf near the office.

  65. britten

    DEAR santa I naver seen a elif before but i want to see one it will be veeeeeeeery cool to see one by

  66. chase

    Santa I like you. You are the best. Once I caught one of your elfs,Corneilious, leaving his foot prints in the snow. when we woke up we saw a dog we were so excited! that i almoste chase

  67. Anonymous

    s sophy santa dear santa love sophy

  68. Kenna

    I have seen them in my dreams, though!

  69. Conner

    I have never seen an elf before…but I hope I will see one

  70. amanda

    Santa how do
    you really catch a elf in our world.

  71. sam

    santa whats yor phone number

    Reply from the Elves:

    So many kids want to talk to Santa right now. The best way to reach him is at .

    If you’d like to talk to someone because you are sad about something then the best thing the elves can do to help you is to suggest that you talk to your family about it. If you still want to talk then you can always call the great people at one of the phone numbers on this page: (make sure to choose a phone number for your country!). We like to think of them as “elves in training”!

    The Elves

  72. sophia

    hi santa im sophia and i love ur new blog its well cool iv add it to my favorites so then i can go on it when ever i whant. iv never seen a elf befor but i will Keep a eye out!!!!!!!!! p.s santa your really cool.from sophia

  73. Blake

    Dear, Santa
    Hi Santa your magical Elves are so cool:)
    It would be hard to do all you do with out them.

  74. taylor

    i love the elves but the girl wohon are cool and prewity

  75. taylor

    prity gril elves i have sen elves

  76. casey

    elfs are cool

  77. annie

    Yes tow Bernard and Candy.

  78. chelsea

    I wish I could see a elf one day.

  79. courtney

    dear elf come to my house please and tell me where your going to hide !!!!!!!!! … !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. lulu

    :) :) :) :) :) :)) :)) :) :) :) :)

  81. brenden

    some peaple say your not real like the kid next door he said your parents put your preseents there but i still beleve in you.

  82. brenden

    can you teach me how to catch a elf and i want bakugan i really want to see a green 1

  83. summer

    no but for x-mas i would like to see you and your elves and have proof.

  84. rebecca

    i hope i get a laptop this year!!

    Reply from the Elves:

    The best way to make sure your wishes get into Santa’s book is to email Santa. They go straight in that way! If you put them on this blog then someone might forget to add them :(

    Merry Christmas!

    The Elves

  85. rebecca

    i wanna see an elf how do i??

  86. curtis

    yes in deed i have it was the head elf becuase i seen the hat and it tryed to look up at me and it saw me looking at it and it was gone

  87. Abbey

    I have never seen an elf but my grandma said last year she saw tiny elf footprints in the snow outside her window.

  88. avril

    how old are you?

  89. lauren

    hi santa
    this is my first time on the blog nice to here from u i have never ever seen an elf in my hole life but is it possible that u can really see one?

  90. Anonymous

    Hey, Santa I have 2 question for you!
    What do elves do?,and
    Why cant we see them

  91. rebecca

    I read the poem about the elf’s they seem like there were really fast

  92. Katie

    Yes I have. It was at school.

  93. Lauren

    I hope my sister and i see an elf! That’d be cool!

  94. barrett

    thanks for my elf philup

  95. Kathryn

    Elves are all over the place but you don’t see them. I have never seen one before.

  96. Connie

    Elves are great helpers to Santa,they are always happy and share alot of Joy.
    Autumn, Bryce , Nick & Josh think they are cool too.

  97. Brenna

    Santa –

    I have never seen an your magic elves. Your elves can watch me as much as they like because I am always a good little girl.

  98. Ashley Williams

    I have never seen a elf befor in my life.

    P.S. i love that pomem !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. karlee

    me and my brothers saw elves zooming across bushes and we saw one running from the bushes it was awsome

  100. Charity

    Santa i have seen a whole bunch of elfs they love to talk really fast.

  101. Tori

    Hi santa! I have never seen an elf but im on the lookout! :) i bet there sneaky and funnY!


  102. Caitlin

    Magic elves i wish i could speed one day at the north pole!

  103. nadia rosenbaum

    i have one and that is why i have seen one but not in action.

  104. Hannah

    Elves are nice and they like to help people!!!

  105. Tyrus

    I have seen elves!.

  106. jessica

    i have never seen a elf but i rather see a reindeer,or the village,so i can tell everybody that santa is real.

  107. Amanda

    Well I’ve never seen a small elf but you sent me my own magic elf and I have to leave it crackers and water every night in December.

  108. Niamh

    i have seen an elf before

  109. zacharie

    iwant to see a elf i think one is in my room

  110. gretta

    let me see an elf watch out elfs here i come!

  111. admir

    a wot a elf

  112. Gracie

    i saw an elf in my room it was definatly a boy

  113. Riley

    Kids at my school have elves that looked stuffed but come alive at night and watch they told me u could find how 2 get 1 on this website any of u reading know what im talking about?

  114. kayla

    how do i catch one of your magic elfs please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. Bryce

    hey santa i was wondering if you could tell the elves to give a shout out to xavier,zerach and zidon they are my buddies and im sure they have been good.

  116. carlee

    Hey santa thanks for the e-mail my friends dont believe in you thanks for really fun christmases

  117. carlee

    can i please have that magic you use to put the sleigh in flight. i also want to catch 1 of those elves to make you proud.


    carlee ann

  118. Muireann

    The poem about the elves is cool!Who wrote it?they’re very goood!

  119. Madison

    yes i have seen an elf…… I have an elf bonnie and my brother has an elf salem

  120. Tyrus

    Yes i have seen elfs running outside before .

  121. Tyrus

    Santa i am being you in a play .

  122. Hedy

    Well, i haven’t seen a elf yet, but I heard that they are short, but that is okay because I am short, too! I hope that you all have a good Christmas!


  123. Katie

    Hayy Santa. I have seen one of your elves. But I saw him in my backyard! First I saw footprints, then I saw something by my fence. But pretty much all I saw was an ear that looked pointy, and a red and green outfit. I heard jingling bells too. Can you get me a skateboard, a webkinz, and an MP3 player? Thx!!! Bye!!!!!!

    Reply from the Elves:

    The best way to make sure your wishes get into Santa’s book is to email Santa. They go straight in that way! If you put them on this blog then someone might forget to add them :(

    Merry Christmas!

    The Elves

  124. Brandon

    hey Santa that picture with the elve with the tukey on his head lol bye

  125. kayla

    Dear Santa,

    Can I help you deliver presents on Chrismas and see Rudolph?

    Love Kayla


  126. sydney

    i have never seen an elf before but i hae a feeling they lookneat

  127. chase

    I have a elf but i never saw the at the north pole my elves name is cala

  128. abby

    i would like 2 see u

  129. Anonymous

    can I have an elf

  130. Beau

    I would like to see an elf. Maybe there’s one watching me at school. If so I’m gonna look for him. Ill let you know if i see one.

  131. amy

    hi i love you santa

  132. mikayla

    i want to see a elf.

  133. Molly

    omg cant wait till xmas i have the flu aswell so i have been of school love you santa

  134. lucy

    my mum’s seen am elrf bfore on christmas eve she saw it’s cute little hat and on christ mas eve witjout fail they come around and throw choc lates through are windows I lov it!

  135. schaeffer

    hey santa what are you doing? i realy want an ELF PLEASE

  136. karlee nickben and brittanie

    we saw bushes moving last night it was cool we are excited for christmas i hope we can see more elves

  137. rylie

    i have one of your elves right mow. i have mistletoe. thank you.

  138. lizzeth montero

    what i like is me and my family to have the greatest christmas ever!!!!!!!

  139. Iona

    Is This True About The Elves ?


  140. caitlyn

    I would love to see an elf some dat but I highly dought that will happen.

  141. kaisey

    I have an elf that causes mictive. it runs around the house at night and makes messes

  142. alexus

    what am i getting for christams

  143. Nicolle

    Santa it’s Nicolle I really what a elf I would like it to be a girl but it can be a boy!!! Please can I have one I think I have been a good girl so PLEASE!!!!

  144. samantha

    I have seen an elf before only once it was blury and it was running fast and he was running to hide i think.LOVE YOU SANTA

  145. Tose

    this my first year believing in you and i love it!

  146. desiree

    i have seen one of the elves before and they are just the sweetest that anyone could ever love and they run quick to get their job done to make every little child and adult happy each christmas also these elves bring joy to each and everyones heart may they have a happy and healthy new year

  147. BRENDAN


  148. Oof

    i have seen a elf its called the elf on the shelf!!! its name is Blinky and it leaves every night and hides in the morning and i have to find it!! shout out to blinky ….. I MISS YOU!!!!! he comes back on thanks giving!!! love,Oof

  149. lolo

    please give me a elf

  150. Deva Dora Ott/O'Shea

    Dear Santa,

    I would like to see a elve if I did I would be very happy.

  151. lauren

    can i have a elf

  152. Olivia

    I think I seen an elf when I was asleep I heard a noise woke up and there was a elf sized person with pointy ears !!! I thought it was a elf!!!!!!!!

  153. gabrielle

    i really want a toy elf that comes to life at night ive been in search trying to get one for 1 yr im 10 yrs old if you want more information about me you can talk to me and send me letters i still want to keep waiting for a elf to be mine.

  154. Anna

    Nice chant Santa. I never saw any elves… exept on T.V. By the way, can you let me see them when you come?

  155. JESSICA

    no i nevher seen an elf

  156. angie

    I have seen a couple of your magic elves through my friends do you think i canhave one

  157. angie

    I woul reay like it to be a girl with dirty blonde curly hair it would be amazing if i could have on thats the only thing i want this year

  158. jessica

    no i never seen an elf before in my whole in tire life there cool and funny even fun

  159. Laura

    I have an elf! I love it. Then it went away one day. So this coming up Christmas I am asking for another one!!!

    Santa is the coolest person in the world!!!!!!!
    <3 Laura

  160. Chelsea

    Are you going bring Roodoff the red
    nose randeer next year too the mall

  161. taylor

    i have an elf her name is drucie she is here with me for the summer i was wondering if druci could go get haley and bring her back to lizzie mason thanks so much love tay xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  162. lizzie

    hi santa i was wondering if my elf haley could could stay for 2 weeks at my house or grandparents houste please come tonight i love you so muchxoxoxoxoxo lizzie

  163. gabby

    i really want a elf ive done every thing please help me

  164. Calum

    I have never seen an elf but I’m hoping that I might see one this year. I thought I heard Rudolph on our roof one year and I definitely heard the sleigh bells!!It was cool!! I really wanted to get out of bed to have a look but I was afraid in case I wouldn’t get any presents!!I love Christmas!!!!!!!

  165. hannah

    i hope to get one

  166. lexi shriver

    I bet It would! be neat to see a few elves.

  167. macey


  168. Veronica

    Dear Santa,
    I have never seen an elf.It would be cool.I also have a question.Do elves wear blue and pink like in the movie?Or do they wear all sorts of colors?

    Love Veronica, age 9

  169. Holly

    I’ve never seen one of your elves santa so don’t worry. I am defentely not on the naughty list this year eather. But sometimes i can hear and do see blurey things so i do feel there spirits there. xxx

  170. Ellie

    i love santas blog
    oh p.s ihave seen an elf!!!

  171. faith


  172. Lauren

    I have not ever seen an elf, but if I ever do, what should I do?

  173. Sarah Lowry

    I have a Elf! Named Adelle. Its so cute! It comes to life every December night!

  174. emily

    i wish i could see an elf!!!!!

  175. Cameron

    I am not sure that I have seen one before but maybe.

  176. Abbey

    no but i want to i love you

  177. Mady

    I have An elf and one night I thought I forgot to feed them so I tiptoed ovr to my moms room and I saw four shadows all with pointy hats. So i knew the elves were awAke and alive! I have seen he elves!

  178. kaylyn

    I have never seen a elf but i would like to and i think it would be cool to see a elf and i would like to see a reindeer fly in the sky and that would be cool to see to. and in school we are learning on flight. I will be looking out for a elf and i will worn u when i see one but i don’t think i will see one but i might i hope.I think i will not seee a elf because me and my friends laugh to much and so we will never a elf but i wish.
    love kaylyn and i love u too

  179. jeneya ,australia qld

    hey elves and santa no i never seen a elve before but one day i will have a chance to and i belive in santa and have good luck raping the pressies and can i plz get these things
    1. laptop a small one clothes and shoes, web slider
    4.dsi or ds
    5.and a wish for mum
    6. and cool stuff

    Reply from the Elves:

    The best way to make sure your wishes get into Santa’s book is to email Santa. They go straight in that way! If you put them on this blog then someone might forget to add them :(

    Merry Christmas!

    The Elves

    P.S. What’s the magic word? :)

  180. Bobby

    i’ve never seen a elf before but i REALY REALY REALY want to see one and ill take realy good care of it!
    love youso much.

  181. kaden

    no i havent

  182. orla

    No i haven’t seen a elf but i want to

  183. erin

    i llllooovve elfes

  184. Lindsay

    Yes I have seen an elf. My friends bring them to school a lot

  185. galina

    я люблю телефон

  186. galina

    merry christmas

  187. mike

    i never seen an elf but i want to ps can i have a psp for chrismas

  188. shona mae

    I have never seen a elf but all my friends have.

  189. Jackson

    Dear Santa , I reallyyyyyyyyy want another elf to come the same day the other elf comes and i want that elf to have black hair also to be a boy and to be a baby THANK YOU

  190. Laken

    No I haven’t seen an elf but I really want to P.S. I really want an elf for christmas and I want it to be big but not too big and to be a girl and to have blonde hair please Santa I really want one soooo bad!!!!!!!

  191. EMILY


  192. Olivia

    Sant Santa please can you give me and elf.I want a boy one.

  193. kaitlin

    Dear, Santa

  194. kaitlin

    as i write its sunday decmber 5th 2010. i just got my elf today you put it in my moms car. I named it piggly wiggly you know my mom Deanna yoakum…. i love him all ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love, Kaitlin Orduna

  195. Reed

    I want a my own magic elf. I really would love it! Thanks Santa!

    Love Reed!

  196. nyanar

    I think I’ve seen an elf

  197. katie kearney

    all i want for christmas is rollerskates,paperjam guitar and a surprise

    ps. i will leave milk and cookies out for you
    love katie

    merry christmas
    and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  198. Khristine

    Dear Santa Claus!

    I am going to ask you for a adidas tracksuit,nike runners,two wii games,a adidas tracksuit hoddie top and a supprise!!!!
    P.S I wont forget about the milk and cookies.I love you!!!and the raindeers sorry i left it so late about them!

    From Khristine

  199. Mandy

    Dear Santa,
    I got an ELF and my brother got one this morning. We were suprised. I also have a CHRISTMAS ANGEL!!!

    Merry Christmas,

  200. Elizabeth

    can I have a magic Elf for christmas?

  201. Emma

    Dear Santa I Have A Magic Elf With Burrnette Hair And Her Name Is Roxy.

  202. DIANA


  203. lauren

    i love the elves!

  204. Baayleigh

    Dear Santa Claus ,
    I have been asking for an elf for a long time but I know
    It’s alot to ask for one of your magic elf but I heard
    There are 36 inch elves that are girls I was wondering if you could send me a magic elf that is 36 inches . I know it’s almost the end of summer but not Christmas yet but would you send me a girl magic elf
    That is 36 inches tall. Could you pretty please send her to my house
    By august 27 201.

  205. Bayleigh

    Sorry Santa I speke my name wrong when you send my elf can you send her to my house could you send her with her pouch and her magic snow flakes that bring her to life nightly


  206. bailey

    my elfs name is Fisbee i love him so much!!! :)

  207. Britney

    Hi Santa For Christmas I really Want a skateboard

  208. Ruksana

    Santa please can I have a magic wand by tommorow at 2:00

  209. Cate and Callie

    Please Santa can we have a magic elf but not a elf on the shelf? Thank, You

  210. Emily

    Hi Santa I am so happy I just got my elf magic I winder what i should call my elf.

  211. Juliana

    Can you bring me pixie dust?

  212. Abigail

    Santa clause I would really really like to have a girl magic elf please

  213. Anonymous

    The only elves I’ve ever seen are the grumpy elves in “A Christmas Story” and our elf magic elves named Beth and Teddy. BETH IS SO COOL!

  214. john

    hey santa my elf on the shelf never went back to the north pole to stay there with you tell thanksgiving he’s right near me.

  215. Emily

    I really want a elf magic how do you get them?

  216. daniel

    can i have a elf magic

  217. Maria

    My friend Nyla has a elf buddy she asked buddy if I can have one buddy texted hr mom yes is that true ?

  218. paige


  219. Miranda

    hi Santa i really REALLY want an elf magic elf, could you please bring me one? please i already left a note on tuesday bug it wont come, thanks!

  220. kharia

    hey i just wanted to tell you i was wondering if you can tell Tommy my elf on the shelf i said hi and when is he coming back?

  221. Megan

    Dear, Santa
    I would really like a elf an the self if you get me one I would be reLly grateful and my friends are ALWAYS talking about there elf and I feel theft out so please Santa.

  222. Trenton

    If Santa give me a elf my friends would be so happy and I would like an elf

  223. Trenton

    If Santa give me an elf I would be so happy.

  224. Gabe

    hi this Gabe, my little brother says your not real. My brother Ben he’s my big brother and me i am the middle child. and me and Ben are 12 years old we still believe in you.

  225. katelyn

    I no there fast.and hard to find but asome

  226. millie

    I want a elf to watch us

  227. Katie

    Santa can I get a I pod

  228. kira dowling

    how is my elves kyla and Jacob am I on the naughty list

  229. Koby

    Can I please have a elf . I’ve sent a letter and one hasn’t came.

  230. mya

    I would really like a girl elf on the shelf in I will name her snowflake

  231. Ashtyn

    Dear Santa and Magic Elves,
    Tomorrow’s Christmas Eve and I want to say Merry Christmas!
    I hope santa gives me a iPhone 4 for Christmas,can you guys tell him to please put one in my stocking? I have to ask you one question, did Leo (the elf on the shelf) lose his skates on the way back to the North Pole? Please wright back.

    9 year old Ashtyn

  232. jada

    hi santa I really want an elf and I will love to have one and see one and santa how could i do that? also thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!


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