Santa Claus’ Magic Elves

Posted by Santa Claus on November 21st, 2008

Did you ever wonder why hardly anyone ever sees one of my elves?  This might help :)

Elves are fast.
Elves are cool.
Elves watch all the kids at school!

Elves are fast,
And sneaky too.
Elves are good at watching you!

Elves are quick.
Elves are slick.
Elves tell all to Ol’ Saint Nick!

If you’re Naughty,
If you’re Nice,
You’re on my List
I’ll check it twice!

Yes, elves are good at watching you!
They like to watch all you do.
But maybe you could spot them too?

If you listen,
If you hurry,
You might see things that are blurry!

If you look
Behind a shelf,
You might catch a tiny elf.

Looking far,
Looking near,
You might see a pointy ear.

But elves are fast.
Elves are quick.
Elves are smart.
They know the tricks!

Elves are very
Hard to see
And that is why
I say to thee

You may try
You may be keen
But I’m telling you
Elves won’t be seen!  :)

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Quite often the elves tell me they think someone might have seen them.  Have you ever seen an elf?  (Scroll down to leave your message for me or to see what others have written!)


227 Responses to “Santa Claus’ Magic Elves”

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  1. 227
    My friend Koby said:

    Can I please have a elf . I’ve sent a letter and one hasn’t came.

  2. 226
    My friend kira dowling said:

    how is my elves kyla and Jacob am I on the naughty list

  3. 225
    My friend Katie said:

    Santa can I get a I pod

  4. 224
    My friend millie said:

    I want a elf to watch us

  5. 223
    My friend katelyn said:

    I no there fast.and hard to find but asome

  6. 222
    My friend Gabe said:

    hi this Gabe, my little brother says your not real. My brother Ben he’s my big brother and me i am the middle child. and me and Ben are 12 years old we still believe in you.

  7. 221
    My friend Trenton said:

    If Santa give me an elf I would be so happy.

  8. 220
    My friend Trenton said:

    If Santa give me a elf my friends would be so happy and I would like an elf

  9. 219
    My friend Megan said:

    Dear, Santa
    I would really like a elf an the self if you get me one I would be reLly grateful and my friends are ALWAYS talking about there elf and I feel theft out so please Santa.

  10. 218
    My friend kharia said:

    hey i just wanted to tell you i was wondering if you can tell Tommy my elf on the shelf i said hi and when is he coming back?


  12. 217
    My friend Miranda said:

    hi Santa i really REALLY want an elf magic elf, could you please bring me one? please i already left a note on tuesday bug it wont come, thanks!

  13. 216
    My friend paige said:


  14. 215
    My friend Maria said:

    My friend Nyla has a elf buddy she asked buddy if I can have one buddy texted hr mom yes is that true ?

  15. 214
    My friend daniel said:

    can i have a elf magic

  16. 213
    My friend Emily said:

    I really want a elf magic how do you get them?

  17. 212
    My friend john said:

    hey santa my elf on the shelf never went back to the north pole to stay there with you tell thanksgiving he’s right near me.

  18. 211
    My friend Anonymous said:

    The only elves I’ve ever seen are the grumpy elves in “A Christmas Story” and our elf magic elves named Beth and Teddy. BETH IS SO COOL!

  19. 210
    My friend Abigail said:

    Santa clause I would really really like to have a girl magic elf please

  20. 209
    My friend Juliana said:

    Can you bring me pixie dust?

  21. 208
    My friend Emily said:

    Hi Santa I am so happy I just got my elf magic I winder what i should call my elf.

  22. 207
    My friend Cate and Callie said:

    Please Santa can we have a magic elf but not a elf on the shelf? Thank, You

  23. 206
    My friend Ruksana said:

    Santa please can I have a magic wand by tommorow at 2:00

  24. 205
    My friend Britney said:

    Hi Santa For Christmas I really Want a skateboard

  25. 204
    My friend bailey said:

    my elfs name is Fisbee i love him so much!!! :)

  26. 203
    My friend Bayleigh said:

    Sorry Santa I speke my name wrong when you send my elf can you send her to my house could you send her with her pouch and her magic snow flakes that bring her to life nightly


  27. 202
    My friend Baayleigh said:

    Dear Santa Claus ,
    I have been asking for an elf for a long time but I know
    It’s alot to ask for one of your magic elf but I heard
    There are 36 inch elves that are girls I was wondering if you could send me a magic elf that is 36 inches . I know it’s almost the end of summer but not Christmas yet but would you send me a girl magic elf
    That is 36 inches tall. Could you pretty please send her to my house
    By august 27 201.

  28. 201
    My friend lauren said:

    i love the elves!

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