Can Santa Cure Diseases and Stop Wars?

Christmas Truce
Christmas Truce

Quite a few people, young and old, make very special requests of the elves and me.  They will ask us to cure someone they love of a disease like cancer.  Some people will ask us if we can bring peace on Earth.

It makes us sad that people have to ask for help.  It makes us even sadder that we cannot help them.
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One, Two, Bye-bye Boom!

One day all the elves were busy making Christmas presents in the North Pole workshop. All of a sudden there was a bright flash of light and BOOM! Everything shook and even the Christmas lights went out for a second. Mouse the littlest Elf came running to me. “Santa Claus” she said, “I’m scared!”

“Its ok Mouse” I said. “Its only a thunderstorm”. There was another flash of light and then BOOM! Mouse quickly grabbed hold of my hand.

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Elf Breakfast at the North Pole

elf breakfast
A big elf breakfast is the best way to stamp out a elf’s grumbly tumbly!

Would you like to know what it is like at the North Pole?

It can be a pretty silly place!   Especially in the morning.  Especially when it’s time for elf breakfast!  Would you like to hear about breakfast with the elves?

Well, when the elves wake up they all slide out of bed… on their slides!  They have a quick wash.  They brush their teeth.  Then they put on their little elf outfits, hats and pointy little elf shoes.
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The Santa Claus Christmas Blog is back!

Santa Claus Christmas Blog is here for another year!
It’s time for the Santa Claus Christmas Blog!


Ho! Ho! Ho!  It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas!  So, MERRY CHRISTMAS my friends!

I am so glad you found my Santa Claus Christmas blog!  My name is, well, Santa Claus.  Maybe you’ve heard of me?  I am a big, jolly guy.  I live in a mystical, magical place full of elves, reindeer, snowmen, and of course, Mrs. Claus!

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