Christmas Parades: North Pole Elves Go Boing

North Pole Christmas parades have dog sleds!
North Pole Christmas parades have dog sleds!

Every weekend before Christmas, the elves put on big Christmas parades.  Did you know that?  We have a lot of fun at the Christmas parades.  After all, everyone at the North Pole loves a Christmas parade!  Do you?

Tonight, the Sporting Elves put on their big Christmas parade.   These elves make the sports things kids’ ask for at Christmas.   Would you like to hear more?

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A Thanksgiving Christmas Story

Clumsy the Elf - Mr. TurkeyHead

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States!   Happy Thanksgiving!

We have Thanksgiving here too.   All the Christmas elves come home.   We talk about all the things we are thankful for.   We have a big dinner.   Then we all go outside and have fun!   But, many, many years ago, things went a little, well, funny.  I told this story last year in my blog, but Clumsy the elf thinks its so funny he wanted me to tell it again!

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Santa’s North Pole Rollercoaster

Did you know there is a rollercoaster in Santa’s Workshop?  Did you know elves love to ride rollercoasters?  They do!

Well, the rollercoaster at the North Pole is made just the right size for elves.  Each car looks just like a small Santa sleigh.  Of course, there are reindeer in front too!

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Christmas Eve is tonight!

Christmas Eve is tonight!!  Christmas Eve is tonight!!  My calendar says Christmas Eve is tonight!

Oh no!  I am not ready yet!  Where are my warm red Santa undies?  Where is my red Santa suit?  Why are my warm red Santa undies and my red Santa suit hanging in a Christmas tree?

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