Would You Like To Name Santa’s Newest Little Baby Reindeer?

A baby reindeer
One of Santa’s baby reindeer

We have great news!  We are having a new little baby reindeer!

The Mommy and Daddy reindeer are very happy.  They know when the little reindeer is coming.  But, they will not tell me.  It is going to be a surprise!  They also have another surprise.  🙂 Continue reading Would You Like To Name Santa’s Newest Little Baby Reindeer?

Christmas Elves’ XMAS game

The elves started doing something fun at the North Pole.  They call it “X.M.A.S.”.  “X.M.A.S.” is not the same as “Xmas”.  That is something else.  🙂

The fun thing the elves do is all about the Christmas Spirit. It is about the joy of giving.

Would you like to learn about the elves’ game? Continue reading Christmas Elves’ XMAS game

Thanksgiving & Clumsy the Elf

Clumsy the Elf - Mr. TurkeyHead
Clumsy the Elf – Mr. TurkeyHead

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States!  Happy Thanksgiving!

We have Thanksgiving here too.  All the Christmas elves come home.  We talk about all the things we are thankful for.  We have a big dinner.  Then we all go outside and have fun!  But, many, many years ago, things went a little, well, funny.

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North Pole Bedtime Stories

Every night, before bed, I go to the reindeer barn.  Every night I read the reindeer all the great messages and emails you write us.  It is something we do every night now!  Even the elves come to listen too.

Yes, the elves and reindeer are nestled snug in their beds, while stories by Santa Claus about your day are read! Continue reading North Pole Bedtime Stories