Christmas Eve 2012!

Posted by Santa Claus on December 24th, 2012


Hello boys and girls around the world!  There is only 1 more sleep until Christmas morning!  That’s right, only 1 MORE SLEEP until the best day of the year is here!  (Can you hear the elves cheer!?)

I am putting on my warm clothes.  Mrs. Claus made sure I have my special Santa Claus suit.  I have my boots.  I have my nice warm hat.  I have my mittens.  I am all ready!  The elves even put the nose warmers on the reindeer.

As soon as I finish writing this I will hop in my sleigh!  The sleigh is all packed.  And the reindeer are ready to go!  I just wanted to send you a special message.

Make sure you leave out,
A stocking or shoe,
And leave some room,
For a present or two!
Remember some goodies,
For Santa to chew,
And go to bed,
When the adults ask you!

Oh yes, I have a special treat for you this year!  Make sure you visit tonight.  You can help “Elf Control” track me on my Christmas Eve 2012 trip.  There will even be live messaging!  You can see what the elves and I are saying to each other!  It is going to be a lot of fun!

Remember to leave out your Naughty or Nice certificate too!

Well, the Head Elf is telling me it is Jingle Time!  Everything is ready!  It is time for me to go! I just have to give Mrs. Claus a big kiss goodbye!  <<SMOOCH!>>

And now I am on my way!
With reindeer guiding my sleigh.
With presents and toys,
For good girls and boys,
To open Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas To All And To All A Good Night!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Tonight, please leave your message for me beside the treats!  Merry Christmas!


86 Responses to “Christmas Eve 2012!”

  1. 86
    My friend SANTIAGO said:


  2. 85
    My friend phoebe said:

    i will bring cookies!!!!!!

  3. 84
    My friend alexis said:

    My mom gave me a presnt early

  4. 83
    My friend Mahayla said:

    Thank you Santa for all of my presents! :D You gave me EVERYTHING that was on my Christmas list. I hope you enjoyed the cookies I left for you…(my Mom helped me make them;) ) 2012 Christmas was awesome! Thanks a bunch Santa and I can’t wait for this Christmas! I hope I get to play a reindeer in our school play….


  5. 82
    My friend Hannah Lousie Dutson said:

    Hi Santa Claus I have done my Christmas list and it is a lot of expensive toys and more more stuff that I want but might not get. I want a Camera for Christmas eve please I wish I had it. But I wish it snowed right now on October 1st Tuesday please wish come true.
    Hannah Louise Dutson xxxxxxxx

  6. 81
    My friend megan said:

    Christmas is so fun!! That is my favorite!!! Is that your favorite? My favorite part is opening presents and seeing if we got anything that we really wanted. Have a good night!!!

  7. 80
    My friend megan said:

    Iam so excited!!! I cant wait!!!

  8. 79
    My friend mary said:

    hey sanda I happy for xams this year I just can.t stay still I my lights up eraly ya me and my teady love tracking u it make us happy …..

  9. 78
    My friend Katy said:

    132 days to christmas eve oh and santa we just got our house extended so if you come you can have a quick look thank you for last years presents xxx

  10. 77
    My friend darrell said:

    I love writing letters


  12. 76
    My friend darrell said:

    Im am having a good time wait ing for you

  13. 75
    My friend darrell said:

    Im am so happy about 2013 Christmas

  14. 74
    My friend darrell said:

    Im am so happy and the reindeer

  15. 73
    My friend darrell said:

    Data claus you are a star

  16. 72
    My friend darrell said:

    I had a good time with you

  17. 71
    My friend darrell said:

    I had a great time with you

  18. 70
    My friend darrell said:

    I had fun with you

  19. 69
    My friend darya said:


  20. 68
    My friend KINNIE said:

    hey, 150 SLEEPS UGH. Well I promise I will be good in those 149 days. btw SANTA THIS IS AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE: I HAVE JUST MOVED HOUSE SO DONT GO TO CLARENCE COTTAGE FOR MY GIFTS!!! (if I am good enough for any

  21. 67
    My friend Lauren said:

    Go Santa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. 66
    My friend EMILY said:

    200 more sleeps REALLY!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. I like this guy named Jonathan even though I broke up with him. Please give him joy in his family forever. I miss him so much.

  23. 65
    My friend cierra said:

    i love you

  24. 64
    My friend summer said:

    it was fun.i had fun.

  25. 63
    My friend Gwen said:

    Thank you so so so so so much for my I pod tuch

  26. 62
    My friend emily said:

    this year please get me a new cell phone with a new chager that would be nice. :) :) :) :) :) :)

  27. 61
    My friend Gracilyn said:

    Santa when will sofey come back to vist me I really miss har.

  28. 60
    My friend kendra said:

    i love u santa claus my friend doesent believe u but even when im 13 i will still believe u

  29. 59
    My friend Sarah said:

    Hi love you love your blog.:);)

  30. 58
    My friend sara said:

    for next years christmas please may i have an ipod

  31. 57
    My friend ritvik said:

    gimme a nintendo 3ds next year

  32. 56
    My friend Tori said:

    I asked u for boyfriend but I don’t see him

  33. 55
    My friend amanda said:

    Did you get stuck in a chimney

  34. 54
    My friend Kermit said:

    If it is not too late, BIG guy, could I please have a brand spanking new robo? Please if it no too much trouble, red dude! I heart u!

  35. 53
    My friend Amanda said:

    hi Santa, I really like you but, Sorry Santa. Christmas is about Christ. But I still like you! i left you cookies and milk and carrots for the reindeer.

  36. 52
    My friend Tanner D said:

    Hi santa i hope you have a holly jolly christmas weee loovvve jesuss

  37. 51
    My friend Hayley said:

    Hey Santa,I will leave you cookies and reindeer carrots!

  38. 50
    My friend Sydney said:

    Dear Santa i’m 12 years old i’m sorry its a little late but could you please bring me a laptop for Christmas please and thank you love Sydney :)

  39. 49
    My friend julia said:

    Merry Christmas My little sister told me to say Merry Christmas from her too

  40. 48
    My friend Yuleanna said:

    Have a very happy christmas.

  41. 47
    My friend Alicia said:

    Hi. How do you go bathroom when you need too?

  42. 46
    My friend Andre said:

    Dear Santa ,
    I hope I get Mario and Sonic 2012 London Olympics games,Gak and 3 more presents. Merry Christmas.

    Love Andre

  43. 45
    My friend eugenie said:

    Hey there santa!!! have a safe flight!! I’m tracking you on norad! love,
    Eugenie budnik

  44. 44
    My friend Libby said:

    Ahhhhhh! I can’t wait untill christmas morning all laughs , no agueing , all love , no hate , all happiness , no sadness. I won’t be able to sleep tonight. YAY! Goodbye and Goodnight Santa.

  45. 43
    My friend Marie said:

    Every Christmas my cleans the house so you won’t trip and fall:) Merry Christmas!!!

  46. 42
    My friend dj and sarah said:

    hey santa this is sarah im wondering if you could vist the children that dont have that much and me also i need your email so i could talk to you and i want snow to stay with me now back to dj fligh over the world like Santa Clause come to my house and what sarah said.

  47. 41
    My friend sandreta said:

    hi santa!I’m so so so happy that you are coming to night!Did you get my letter I sent to you yesterday?How are your elfs?My brothers did not send a letter to you.What a bumer.You are a spical hooly and jolly and a ho ho man to me!:)

  48. 40
    My friend Macronman said:

    I don’t know what to leave out for you!*crunch crunch*
    What? These cookies were for Santa?:)-

  49. 39
    My friend Macronman said:

    Santa you rock! How is it possible to get to everyone in one night? -_-
    It’s okay, I believe in you, but you’d have to leave some kids out. I guess that’s why you have the naughty list. Also, where would you get your funding? Do people donate to you or are you part of the government and collect taxes? Anyway, I hope you have fun tonight! Merry Christmas!:)

  50. 38
    My friend sofia said:

    santa i might not be able to leave u cookies sorry :(

  51. 37
    My friend Aaron said:

    Merry Christmas,

    Love this time of year…can’t wait!!

  52. 36
    My friend Alyssa said:

    Have a wonderful Christmas Santa

  53. 35
    My friend jana said:

    I wish you a merry ,merry christmas and a happy new year. Stay safe!

  54. 34
    My friend Ali said:

    Hey Santa I wish you a Christmas you will never forgot

  55. 33
    My friend Ali said:

    Hey Santa I wish you a Christmas you will never forgot

  56. 32
    My friend Alyssa Lane said:

    Have a merry christmas Santa I wish you a happy Christmas

  57. 31
    My friend Caitlin said:

    I cant wait until you get here and i cant believe your doing this for all the poorly little children xxx

  58. 30
    My friend Melissa said:

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year everybody! :)

  59. 29
    My friend Jeremy said:

    I have been very good this year did you bring me the x-box I asked for.

  60. 28
    My friend Brooke said:

    i just finshed making the rainder food and the cookies!!!!!:):):):)

  61. 27
    My friend heather said:

    ii cant wait not for presants for jesus we all love jesus

  62. 26
    My friend maia said:

    Yay Santa Claus!

  63. 25
    My friend Angel said:

    hay santa, and everyone at the north pole, stay safe on the trip, my mom is coming today and can’t wait to cuddle up to her because me and her love to cuddle up, i hope tomorrow there at the north pole that you have a merry christmas on praying for the birth of jesus christ. love you guys

  64. 24
    My friend Elise said:

    Christmas is the time for love and cheer.I think we should be grateful for Santa. To prove it I have written a poem.

    Christmas is the time to be jolly,
    although the mums have to buy lots of presents and put them in her trolly. Lovely films to see, and giggle whith glee.The holly is prickly like the crown of thorns,some people spend their Christmas in dorms. Hot choclate all around ,snow falling on the ground.Santa places your presents on the floor ,and sometimes posts a letter through your door.

  65. 23
    My friend Nick said:

    Merry Christmas, Santa!! :)

  66. 22
    My friend Claire said:

    Dear Santa, I CANNOT WAIT until you get to my house!!!!! I have been on every Santa tracking website and I have been reading your blog and I have been sending you letters!!! I have also been delivering presents just like you! I love you & all of your reindeers (don’t tell, but I love Comet the most!

  67. 21
    My friend michaela said:

    merry christmas santa i am so happy thank you for all the wonderfull gifts ihope you and mrs claus , the elfs rest love you all love from michaela xxxxx

  68. 20
    My friend laura said:

    Santa hope you have a merry Christmas
    and a happy new year.
    hope you get lot’s of lovely treats
    and have a great time flying around the word.Hope you are well to!
    I understand that you can not fit much in your slay but here we go please can i have:
    a I pad 2, a book called the four children and it, jell pens and if you can fit it in a dressing table stale!thank you very much you are the best and wish they elf’s a merry Christmas to!!! :-) :)

  69. 19
    My friend Kylie said:

    Merry Christmas Santa. And Safe trip.

  70. 18
    My friend Jan-Marie said:

    I can’t wait for Christmas! Like, OM G!

  71. 17
    My friend sinead said:

    hi realy exicited.on my comptur it says 10 more hours.i live in ireland.
    i realy want an i pod touch,converse bag and 5 tounge converse.

    thank you very much,
    your sincerily,

    p.s.good luck.

  72. 16
    My friend katie said:

    wats up i cant ewait until christmas !!!!

  73. 15
    My friend cerys said:

    hello santa
    this year for christmas if you cant get me what i have asked for it does not matter because all i want this christmas is for my family all to be happy and safe :-)

  74. 14
    My friend sheyene said:

    Ahhhhh so close 2 Christmas i rely rely rely rely rely rely rely rely rely rely want butterscoch the fake poney cant wait

  75. 13
    My friend keya said:


  76. 12
    My friend caitlin coates said:

    hi santa i realy want a i phone ,a ipod and justs dance 1,3,4 and i pad. i realy want one of your reideers

  77. 11
    My friend Charlotte said:

    i can not wait til Christmas day tomorrow
    im am so excited!!!! :D

  78. 10
    My friend caitlin coates said:


  79. 9
    My friend leah said:


  80. 8
    My friend audrey said:

    well santa you already pased here in canada i already have my gifts

  81. 7
    My friend Jazmiene said:

    Cant wait for you to come!! :)

  82. 6
    My friend Dina B. said:

    Hi Santa,
    I hope your flight goes well. Merry Christmas, I will leave you some treats tonight! I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!
    I promise to go to bed on time. :)

    -Dina :)

  83. 5
    My friend ellie said:

    me and my mum are making mince pies today and i promise i well give you one and when my parents tell me to go to bed i well do that to. i hope you like your homemade mince pie from ellie

  84. 4
    My friend Samuel said:

    good luck and have a safe flight! p.s make sure you stroke my cats and next doors cats, dog and rabbits!

  85. 3
    My friend Shauna said:

    I can not wait until Christmas Day thank you santa

  86. 2
    My friend joe cool said:

    boom so ready to get my christmas on feel so pumped!!!! ps i like this girl named——- and iwant her to have great christmas pps keep the christ in christmas go jesus

  87. 1
    My friend Kylie said:


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