Christmas in July!

Merry Christmas in July!  The elves and I have been enjoying a little Christmas in July vacation.  It’s pretty funny watching them water-skiing or tubing behind a boat.  You should see them bounce around!  Sometimes they fly off just like reindeer!  HHHOL!

Of course, Clumsy the Elf always makes the biggest splashes.  (I’m sure he does it on purpose ;-).  One time he bounced so high he bounced right out of his swimming trunks!  He looked pretty funny floating in the water holding his swim trunks over his head!

I tried tubing — but the rope broke!  I did a very graceful face-plant in the water. I guess I should lose a little bit more weight (but Mrs. Claus makes such wonderful cookies!).  I think maybe the rope broke because it was so old — at least that’s what Mouse the Littlest Elf said.  Well, she tried to say that between giggles.

We’ve also been enjoying canoeing and kayaking and just playing in the water.  Kissy the Elf has been having fun finding clams in the water.  Mrs. Claus has been relaxing on her water floaty.  I think they both quite enjoy Christmas in July.

Of course, everyone is excited that Christmas Day is exactly 5 months away.

Santa Claus

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Christmas is Saved by a Grumpy Elf and his brave friends

Christmas is saved!

I was getting VERY worried, but the panic is over.

Scunner the grumpy elf and his friends arrived with my magic key first thing this morning.  The magic key they found is the one I use to deliver presents.

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